"Fortunately, Mario's book combines just the right amount of explanation of the runtime to help you understand the thought process and the techniques he uses to solve problems with many practical and clever tricks learned from debugging real world applications. So if you want to quickly get up to speed debugging your CLR applications, this is definitely the book to read. It covers many aspects of debugging managed applications—in particular, it gives insights into areas that are hard to diagnose such as thread synchronization problems. The illustration of debugging techniques is largely done with examples which makes it easier to follow."

~ Patrick Dussud, Technical Fellow, CLR, .NET FX, Microsoft Corporation.)

“Mario has done it again. His Advanced Windows Debugging (coauthored with Daniel Pravat) is an invaluable resource for native code debugging and Advanced .NET Debugging achieves the same quality, clarity and breadth to make it just as invaluable for .NET debugging. The detail he provides on how to measure managed heap usage, understand the behavior of the garbage collector, and how to track down synchronization bugs will make you more efficient at finding and fixing bugs in your managed code projects. “

~ Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow, Microsoft Corporation

“Have you ever wondered why your .NET application is not responding? Or why it’s intermittently consuming high CPU? Or crashing? When things go wrong you need to think low level using the proper knowledge and tools to investigate the internals of your application. Advanced .NET Debugging delivers the knowledge necessary to quickly isolate nasty software problems. Welcome to the debugging world!”

Roberto A. Farah, Senior Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

“This book talks about tools such as SoS in the kind of depth that I have not seen elsewhere. It’s a definite aid in understanding and debugging managed application behavior. It has been a pleasure to review it.”

~ Maoni Stephens the GC Developer

"While the .Net environment provides a developer with a powerful toolbox to accomplish their goals, it can often be a daunting task to debug some of the issues which inevitably crop up during software development. This book provides the crucial details on how the CLR works internally that you need to know to diagnose many classes of bugs in your .Net programs, and it provides clear examples of how to solve the same types of issues we see our customers struggle with on a daily basis. This book is required reading for all serious .Net developers."

~ Lee Culver, CLR Quick Response Team, Microsoft

“Advanced .NET Debugging is essential reading for someone that wants to get under the covers and obtain an intimate understanding of how the .NET Common Language Runtime works. It clearly identifies the layout of the system and how the assemblies are loaded and organized. I recommend it to anyone that wants to debug more complex issues brought on by synchronization problems and corruption. It also effectively addresses the difficult task of post-mortem debugging.”

~ Pat Styles, Microsoft


"Advanced .NET debugging is a great book. Not only is it an excellent and thorough introduction to the art of advanced debugging, it is also an enlightening tour of the inner workings of the Common Language Runtime. Highly recommended!"

~ Brian Rasmussen, Microsoft MVP Visual C#